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     In 2013, I started making handmade goods and accessories out of my home in the Bronx. It started with me creating some floor pillows for a friend. Although I've always had a creative side, from then on I was inspired to explore it and share it with the world. That same year, I began making candles to compliment the throw pillows and create an ambiance. I found that the smallest thing, like a candle or pillow, could make the biggest impact. While lighting a scented candle in a cozy and inviting space brings joy to so many, I find the joy in creating the atmosphere and experience.  

     My vision has been to create great products that both men and women would be able to enjoy.  Although our look may evolve over time, I strive to provide my customers with quality craftmanship and unique goods, always. The journey hasn't been easy but soooo worth it. 

Thank you for taking this ride with me...

- Andrea 

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